NEU-JKF Air purifier: Airina

22 February 2022


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Viruses and bacteria: Airina, an innovative and efficient solution for indoor air decontamination

In the current context of pandemic, NEU-JKF has developed an air purification solution for professionals, communities and companies receiving the public : Airina®.

What is it about ?

Airina® is an innovative and efficient air purifier.
Airina® is the only purifier that can treat surfaces from 120m2 to 350m2.
It reduces the airborne spread of viruses and eliminates more than 99.9% of allergens and pollutants that are harmful to health: fumes and odors, allergens, bacteria, viruses, fine dust, gaseous compounds...
It is therefore, in this particular context of a global pandemic, useful for professions and structures that receive the public (employees, clients, patients...), for people in fragile situations because they are prone to certain pathologies (allergies, respiratory difficulties, asthma...) as well as for those who use pollutants for their activity (medical and beauty care sector for example).

Discover Airina in video :