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Food industry

Hygiene, safety, quality 

The essential element of any food process is the product. NEU-JKF Process’s strength is: to propose and implement configurations that combine hygiene, safety and quality throughout the industrial production line (be it powder or pellet processes) to respect product integrity from its arrival point to the automatic packaging.

Solutions that take into account all major items

Design of process lines

Fully automated, NEU-JKF Process installations allow the traceability of ingredients with batch genealogy (quality control) and help with maintenance. Smooth surface without retention zone, stainless steel... the equipment designed by NEU-JKF Process is always more efficient and at the same time economical. Indeed, consuming and eating are no longer simply synonymous with "feeding oneself". And end consumers are now putting strong pressure on food manufacturers to ensure that they produce in a healthy and sustainable way. Organic, locally produced food: environmental and societal concerns are taking precedence.

In full compliance with the standards in force

All of our food processing facilities comply with current regulations: CE, ATEX, FDA.... They are clean and dust-free; they respect the environment and safety (e.g. anti-explosion equipment or metal detector/separator). The equipment has a maximum of smooth surfaces without retention zones (no cross contamination, continuous quality control) for easy cleaning.

NEUSTRAC pilot: a real design tool for pneumatic transport

An industrial-scale test station

Every food manufacturer needs to know in advance the behaviour of his material during the elaboration of his recipe. NEU-JKF Process has a test station capable of simulating the future configuration of a new production line.
The tests carried out on NEUSTRAC make it possible to analyse the behaviour of a product or a mixture of products during pneumatic transport in order to define the most suitable transport method (transport phase, speeds, load rate, etc.) and to limit the energy consumed as well as product attrition. NEU-JKF Process has already tested dozens and dozens of products in its station: dog and cat food, milk powder, sugar, chocolate powder, coated peanuts, breakfast cereals....

Ask for a test

Modern production installations designed by experts

Our designs are top of the range and meet all hygiene standards. They can be adapted to any quick recipe change you choose to implement.

 réception des matières  manutention automatisée  gestion des recettes Clean and safe installation 
Raw material reception
(bulk, bags and big bags)
thanks to sack tipping
station, big-bag
unloading station
Automated and optimized
conveying according
to the product
(dilute or dense phase)
Recipe management
with volumetric dosing
and automatic batch
or continuous
weighing system
Highly hygienic,
stainless steel
equipment without
retention zones

Our services

To make your installation last thanks to original spare parts, to make it evolve according to your recipes, our Customer Service also offers you to test your products in our industrial-sized test centre

Case study

NEU-JKF Process has built three new production lines for a large group in South East Asia for baby food. These baby food products, enriched with balanced nutrients, are developed to meet the specific nutritional needs of young children in all phases of their growth. Hygiene, safety and respect for product quality were the key words throughout the realisation of this installation.

NEU-JKF Process designed and installed 3 pneumatic conveying lines in pulsating phase, each with a flow rate of 1200 kg/h. This NEUPulse technology, which has been tried and tested for a long time on various projects, allows the product to be respected and all its properties to be preserved, guaranteeing constant quality in the feeding of children from a very young age... Our teams of engineers and designers paid particular attention to the accessibility and cleanability of the installation.

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