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State-of-the-art components

NEU-JKF Process offers a wide range of standard and customised process components: rotary valves, diverter valves, .... They are available with very sophisticated options such as tracing, heat insulation, etc. They are necessary for any process using the dense or dilute phase.

PV valves are designed to handle non abrasive and free flowing powder or granular products.

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The high differential pressure rotary valves allow product feed into low velocity, dense phase (NEUPHASE) conveying lines of powder or granular products.

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It is a single channel diverter with a cylindrical plug. It allows material to be directed alternately in two directions in pneumatic conveying circuits.

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These rotary valves are located under process machinery, hoppers or storage silos. They can be mounted in series for successive or simultaneous introduction of the product into a pneumatic conveying system. Operating pressure up to 2 barg.


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The NEU-JKF Venturi feeder is a simple and effective way of introducing materials such as powders and granules into pressurized pneumatic conveying lines.

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