Reception, discharge

Hygiene, safety, quality 

A range of equipment designed for raw materials and ingredients intake, whether in sacks or big bags, completely suited to the production requirements.

| Bag dumping station (single or double station)

The central suction system can operate either in continue thanks to specific outlets or can start automatically on doors opening thanks to integrated position sensor. Closed, the door guarantees non-contamination of the product after unloading the sacks

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This equipment is designed to limit dust emissions when opening and emptying the bags. The optimal suction area is located at the opening (between the shelf and the grid). The operator puts the bag on the shelf and cuts it. Then he feeds the coupling hopper with the product through the safety grid.

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The unit is equipped with an automatic air pulse deduster (starting at the door opening). It will catch the dust generated during bag unloading. The dust is collected in a NFPR type bag filter, connected to a suction system. This device enables the suspended product to be reintroduced into the process.

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| Big bag unloading

Designed to suit all requirements
• Suitable for all type of big bags with different sleeves and lengths
• A frame designed either as a single discharge station or as a multiple discharge station
• Can be integrated into a materials feeding system operating by gravity or through a pneumatic handling (suction or blowing, dilute or dense phase).

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