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Expertise, Audit, Upgrade

NEU-JKF Process brings solutions on your site

Our philosophy: to meet our customers in order to support them on a daily basis.
NEU-JKF Process carries out audits and expertises on site in order to optimise parameters, advise on transformations, recommend equipment changes to bring your production tool into conformity with its evolution (product, tonnage, regulatory compliance, etc.).

Why carry out an expertise or an audit?

An expertise requires specific qualifications and significant experience of the process. NEU-JKF Process provides you with an in-depth level of knowledge, experience and know-how. This will help you to assess the financial stakes, either for a revamping of your installation or for a new installation. This involves making recommendations based on calculations, proposing solutions for carrying out the work, taking flow and pressure measurements, designing a new pipe network, and advising you on changes to existing circuits and equipment. These assessments also serve to detect any anomalies. At the end of their mission, our experts also propose recommendations for maintenance and improvements to process installations. You will be given a detailed site report: you will be able to understand the improvements to be made.

Evolution of your installation

Depending on the evolution of your products, your production and the regulations, NEU-JKF Process offers you :

# Regulatory upgrading of your installations,
# On-site airflow and mechanical assessments,
# Tests in a test centre, laboratory analysis, # ATEX compliance,
# Adaptation of the installation to the evolution of your products

NEU-JKF Process Customer Service

Combined with the knowledge and expertise of our specialists, we offer solutions to operate again quickly and reduce your productivity losses.

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