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Maintaining your installation performances

NEU-JKF Process, expert in air system maintenance, takes care of your installations to contribute to your success. In rapidly changing industrial sectors subject to very strict standards and regulations, your installations require special attention.

NEU-JKF Process is committed to :

Ensuring the availability, monitoring the life cycle and improving the lifetime of your equipment within a controlled financial framework in order to deploy customised industrial maintenance solutions.
To ensure the sustainability of your activity and the comfort of your operators so that they can concentrate on the essentials of their mission.
Act directly on the efficiency of your installations in terms of energy consumption and environmental impact.
Secure: we make incident prevention and control our priority.


+ Maintenance contract,
+ Regulatory visits and controls,
+ Preventive visits, with a report on the intervention and recommendations for optimising your installation,
+ Intervention to optimise operating parameters,
+ Repair



NEU-JKF Process Customer Service

We etablish an optimised maintenance plan and suggest ways to improve. Regular reporting ensures a transparent investment plan. We can also offer you :

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