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Spare Parts

Use suitable, quality spare parts with manufacturer's warranty

Almost as soon as it starts up, an industrial installation needs spare parts, to compensate for breakdowns, to ensure the smooth running of equipment and the production continuity. NEU-JKF Process has a dedicated service that guarantees you the original manufacturer's part and interchangeability.

Keeping your installation running

A spare part is a part intended to replace a defective or damaged part. Many users have had the unfortunate experience of a failure that cannot be repaired due to a lack of spare parts. Thanks to a history of over 30 years of installations, NEU-JKF Process is able to provide you with THE original spare part.

On time, anywhere in the world

Whether it's a planned delivery for scheduled shutdowns or an express delivery to help you out, NEU-JKF Process is the right part at the right time!

Original spare parts and wearing parts

The use of original spare parts guarantees maximum quality and safety. Don't put the safety and availability of your industrial process at risk. NEU-JKF Process offers you a comprehensive catalogue of spare parts:
# Codified list, with recommendations (1st emergency, 2 years of operation),
# Guaranteed interchangeability,
# Stock with more than 100 000 references available,
# Traceability of parts

A solution for all the components you need

Reduce unplanned downtime


Increase equipment availability

Improve equipment lifetime

Reduce breakdowns

NEU-JKF Process Customer Service

Combined with the knowledge and expertise of our specialists, we offer a range of services and solutions to get your production operation up and running again quickly.

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