NEUSTRAC Test center

NEUSTRAC Test center

A test centre unique in Europe

What is the "NEUSTRAC" ? NEUSTRAC stands for NEU Smart TRAjectory Control". The purpose of the NEUSTRAC station
is to carry out tests, measurements and controls involving
different air techniques in industrial processes.
This centre, one of the most important in Europe in the private sector with a surface area of 1000 m², can simulate all configurations related to pneumatic conveying and processing of bulk products

The product database

This database contains all the characteristics required to design a pneumatic conveying system. The measurement methods are carried out on a sample of the product. The following characteristics are necessary to design a pneumatic conveying system:
- Rheological characteristics that are related to the transport characteristics of a product, and the phase density to be used: particle cohesion, angle of friction, compressibility, angle of repose, flow angle, fluidizability, permeability and deaeration rate
- Flow characteristics that determine pressure drop in a pneumatic conveying system, particle size and shape, bulk density and porosity.
- Physical characteristics to assess product integrity, equipment and personnel protection, moisture, hardness, degree of abrasion, brittleness, hygroscopic nature, temperature, explosion hazard, toxicity and product segregation.

Determining the conveying parameters

NEU-JKF Process has conveying loops in its test centre for the precise dimensioning of a plant. The individual loops are fully automated and the data is recorded in real time. Various industrial-scale tests can be carried out:
# Product characterisation tests
# Pneumatic conveying tests with high differential pressure rotary valve or blow tank
# Phase diagrams (dense phase to dilute phase) to define pneumatic transport parameters
# Attrition tests (analysis of product degradation during pneumatic conveying)
# Pellet cleaning installation
# Emptying of sacks and big bags

NEU-JKF Process Customer Service

NEU-JKF Process acts as a true partner: designing, manufacturing, installing, commissioning an installation, but also supplying spare parts, ensuring interventions, audits, upgrades. A 100% winning Customer Service.

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