Process line automation

Real time monitoring of your production

Automating your production lines means controlling machines and equipment. This applies to all sectors of activity: food, chemicals, minerals, petrochemicals, etc. Simple or complex, automated systems are part of the production system. It is an essential issue: ensuring the proper operation of installations and lines means guaranteeing the profitability of your production tool.

Monitor, measure and solve

The objective is to provide operators with relevant information in real time: parameters, performance, availability, machine status (temperatures, voltage, etc.), machine workloads (flow rate, number of operators, etc.), production output, waste rate, recovery rate. At the same time, it is possible to correct failures that do not require the intervention of a technician (downtime, high temperatures, etc.) and to set parameters for events such as changes in material dosing, addition of additives, etc.

Optimal production

Real-time notification of production-related events allows you to act quickly in urgent and non-urgent situations: planning of interventions and breakdowns, thus avoiding unexpected line stoppages.

To ensure safety and reliability

A system that prevents production losses, waste and system failures, but also ensures the safety of field operators.

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Electrical design
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