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Protecting people, products and installations

Protection at the core of our approach

Industrial safety is everybody's concern. Events in recent years have shown how important it is to consider this aspect when defining a production plant (risk of explosion, pollution, contamination ....). The guarantee of safety (protection of people, prevention and treatment of technical risks) is a necessary condition for the conduct of any industrial activity and, thus, for the normal operation of a plant. This is why NEU-JKF Process is involved from the project design stage in guaranteeing installations with a high level of hygiene, safety and quality.

A safe working environment: an essential requirement

Risks related to the presence of moving parts, energy, falls (operator or object), the presence of hot or cold surfaces, manual handling, and the size and layout of the workstation.

These are just a few examples that must be taken into account in the installation and use of machines, materials and equipment.

NEU-JKF Process takes all these aspects into account when designing an installation, from the workstation (e.g. bag emptying) to the workshop as a whole.

NEU-JKF Process helps you to improve your process knowledge and designs ergonomic, easy-to-use and completely safe workstations.

Avoiding contamination

The presence of contaminants can be a source of "danger" for the product, the consumer or the end user (product alteration, system malfunction, etc.).

Accidental contamination of a product also triggers a chain of consequences, always threatening the sustainability of your production: scrapping, production stoppage....

Faced with such challenges, NEU-JKF Process offers a wide range of solutions to prevent from being confronted with such situations: metal detectors, grids, finishing of equipment without retention zones, granule cleaners to eliminate fines, traceability, use of stainless steel, etc.

Control the risks

To ensure safety by stopping or limiting the effects of an explosion, preventing the spread of an explosion and improving working conditions:  the ATEX Directive concerns the minimum requirements for improving the safety and health protection of operators who may be exposed to the risk of explosive atmospheres.

The upgrading of ATEX zones represents a significant additional cost.

To limit the extent of these zones and reduce the amount of investment required, NEU-JKF Process offers a range of accessories and equipment that comply with the regulations.


| What NEU-JKF Process can do for you

The implementation of processes within an industrial installation requires a study to ensure the integrity of the installation, of all the people present within the production unit, and even of local residents, the natural environment and consumers. NEU-JKF Process brings you its know-how:
- Dust-free installation: protection of the product, limitation of the production of fines, respect of the environment.
- Operator safety: few moving parts
- Traceability of ingredients
- CIP cleaning system
- Magnetic separation,
- Hygiene of the installation, finishing of the equipment
- Filtration, explosion protection
- Regulatory compliance


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