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Processing of materials and finished products

High-tech equipment for raw materials and finished products

NEU-JKF Process know-how covers systems and equipment that prepare, protect and process raw materials and finished products for all types of industry: food, chemical, mineral, compound... Thus, sack and big bag receiving and emptying stations, dosing, weighing, mixing, grinding and packaging are an integral part of NEU-JKF Process solutions. The control of all equipment by PLCs and PCs allows recipe management, traceability and batch genealogy.

Raw materials

Flour, sugar, starch, coffee, milk powder, cocoa, polyester, EPS/GPPS, PE, PP, PET, sodium carbonate, calcium carbonate, gypsum, glass beads, etc.

Finished products

Yoghurt, ice cream, desserts, biscuits, baby powders, drinks, confectionery, plastic film and bottles, cable, detergent, cleaning products, etc.

Solutions to prepare, protect, treat

This is a sample of materials and products that need to be handled, processed and received reliably, accurately and in an environmentally friendly manner throughout their production line.

| What NEU-JKF Process can do for you

Receiving and unloading, whether from trucks, big bags or sacks, with single or double operator big bag and sack unloading stations, as well as suction tables for micro-ingredients. Unpacking can be manual or automatic.
Storage via explosion-proof, dehumidified hoppers or silos. Storage control is done by level probe or weighing. Dust removal and filtration equipment is also provided.
Dosing, mixing and preparing ingredients and micro-ingredients. Dosing and mixing can be done in batches or continuously by different high precision techniques and recipe formulation with traceability.
Connecting the process to the different elements of the production line: powder dissolution, drying tower, fluidised bed, reactor, extrusion, bagging and packaging.

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