pneumatic conveying

Pneumatic conveying

A range of systems to suit all configurations

NEU-JKF Process manages pneumatic conveying technologies for flows from 1 to 100 t/h, over distances of a few metres to several hundred metres. Thanks to its experience, NEU-JKF Process designs and builds turnkey pneumatic conveying installations for bulk products (powder and/or granules) for all types of industry: food, chemicals, minerals, plastics.

A century of experience makes all the difference

The use and application of air has been at the heart of NEU-JKF Process' activities since the beginning of the century. This know-how has enabled NEU-JKF Process to become the undisputed leader in the design and construction of turnkey pneumatic conveying systems: knowledge of the entire range of conveying techniques, knowledge of processes and products based on millions of hours of system operation, and technological innovation to offer the most suitable conveying method.

Pneumatic handling needs are numerous and varied

NEU-JKF Process's policy is not to propose only one type of system but to combine all the operating modes. One of the qualities of NEU-JKF Process is to be able to determine the most suitable installation for a given problem thanks to its wide range of equipment and systems. The objective is to always ensure the best ratio between product flow rate / absorbed power / investment.

Each customer needs its specific solution

A NEU-JKF Process system is a reliable system for the regular supply of a process plant.

| What NEU-JKF Process can do for you

Dilute phase, suction
(vacuum operation), blowing (low or medium pressure operation) or combined suction/blowing,
Closed loop under controlled atmosphere or neutral gas, the most economical and safest method to transfer hazardous and sensitive products,
Continuous dense phase, low velocity product transfer, ideal for large circuits,
Discontinuous dense phase, blowing system (NEUPHASE®), or suction system, very low velocity product transfer system, with or without air injection along the lines, particularly suitable for fragile and/or abrasive products.
Pneumatic handling through rotary valve, top or bottom discharge blow tank, or injector, ....

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