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Conveying, storing, dosing, mixing, weighing:
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We design and build automated materials handling and processing systems. Part of our expertise is building systems, not sub-contracting them, thereby eliminating additional expense and risk of error. A particular skills is in the innovative use of proven procedures and techniques to satisfy a client’s specific requirements, reliably, economically, and also in respect with people and their environment.

Our know-how

Client knowledge

| Client experience is in the process, the conversion of one or more materials from one state to another, for instance by mixing, milling or blending. We work with the client to combine our systems and their process knowledge.

Project partnership

| Process plants are a combination of systems and equipment. By combining client equipment experience with our systems expertise, we can generate the best solution.

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NEU-JKF Process Customer Service

We help you to maintain the performance of your installations to ensure your process operation.

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