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Chemical industry

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The number of industrial chemical products has risen sharply in recent decades. World production in the chemical industry has also increased significantly. Various studies have demonstrated their impact on people and his environment. As a result: evolution of regulations on safety conditions for their manufacturing process, their import, export, transport, sale, resale, use, recycling or disposal.

Pneumatic conveying solutions for the chemical industry

Supporting industries in the manufacture of chemical products

Competitiveness, quality and risk are the challenges of this industry. Reliable production line, tight bulk transport, dense or dilute phase, suction or discharge, process control, high differential pressure rotary vavle, volumetric dosing or blow tank, these are just a few facets of NEU-JKF Process solutions.

The most suitable solution

Pneumatic conveying plays a very important role in the chemical industry because it is, in most cases, simpler to implement, requires less maintenance and, with suitable filtration systems, is less polluting than open systems, and therefore safer for the operator and his environment.

NEUSTRAC pilot: a real design tool for pneumatic transport

An industrial-scale test station

Every chemical company needs to know how its material will behave during the development of a new product, whether it is a dishwasher tablet, a new household detergent or toothpaste. NEU-JKF Process has a test station able to simulate the future configuration of a new production line.
The tests carried out on NEUSTRAC make it possible to analyse the behaviour of a product or a mixture of products during pneumatic conveying in order to define the most suitable transport method (transport phase, velocity, load rate, etc.) and to limit the energy consumed as well as product attrition.

Ask for a test

Reduce handling with automated systems

NEU-JKF Process designs and implements THE solution that takes into account your specifications, your products and your site configuration.

 big bag unloading  storage silo  NEUPHASE
Raw material reception Storage silos  Pneumatic handling with
NEUPHASE technology

Our services

In order to guarantee the durability of the installations and their maintenance at the highest level of performance, NEU-JKF Process provides technical support from the design to the commissioning and even beyond.

Case study

In this case study: the solution NEU-JKF Process has implemented to help its customer meet the changing lifestyle of consumers, particularly in terms of hygiene and the environment. An existing installation had to be adapted to transfer new products. A NEUPHASE low-speed pneumatic conveyor with a blow tank was chosen to convey highly abrasive products, respect the quality of the product, preserve the environment, and limit abrasion phenomena. The blow tank technology is a technique perfectly controlled by NEU-JKF Process thanks to numerous realisations.

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