Our commitments

Systems that protect the product, the people and the planet

Through our wide range of equipment and thanks to our product knowledge, we are committed to designing optimised, energy-efficient solutions that comply with local and international health and safety regulations.

Our mission

Recognised for its tailor-made solutions, NEU-JKF Process meets the specific needs of each customer.

Thanks to our experienced teams involved in the realisation of a project in accordance with the specifications, deadlines and budget, we implement technologies that perfectly match the constraints and standards. This is a real partnership between NEU JKF Process and its customer, based on interactive and flexible relationship that results in a customised solution that optimises the performance of an installation.

The result: a reliable and unique solution

Positive feedback from France and around the world is our greatest success.

Millions of operating hours in plants all over the world for more than a hundred years have made NEU-JKF Process plants a reliable ally for the consistent supply of your processes.

Our commitments

fan protection

Protection of people and their environment

fan performance

Performance compliance

French Fab

fan efficience

High efficiency, energy saving

ISO certification

ISO 9001 certified

Our quality approach

Committed to a daily quality approach, NEU-JKF Process is ISO 9001 certified for the sales of components, installations and spare parts for pneumatic handling and processing of bulk products. Testing and supervision of the construction of these installations

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