minerals industry

Minerals industry

High value material transfer 

The increasing sophistication of products manufactured by the minerals industry and the development of quality requirements have resulted in the need to produce increasingly sophisticated materials. They provide whiteness, smoothness, impermeability, lubricity, abrasiveness, ion exchange, resistance to chemical aggression, etc.

A wide range of techniques

Dense phase, dilute phase, continuous, discontinuous, suction, blowing

In order to respect the physical and chemical properties of the minerals, a pneumatic conveying system is required. It guarantees the quality of the product and preserves its properties.

This is NEU-JKF Process' know-how: to implement the right solid bulk conveying solution for the specific configurations of this industrial sector.

Dedicated process equipment

Weighing, dosing, mixing, blow tanks, injectors, etc. NEU-JKF Process has developed a whole range of equipment designed to transport mineral products while preserving their quality and properties in complete safety. Gypsum, quicklime, bentonite, reagent, clay balls and many other products are needed in sectors as varied as aeronautics, construction, mechanics, the automobile industry or electronic components.

Hygiene, safety, quality

Feeding a mixer or silos, filling a truck, injecting a product, dosing it, mixing it and transporting it to another point of an industrial site, that's what NEU-JKF Process does by offering :

- Sealed installations: preservation of the product
- A clean and healthy environment
- Operator safety

With :
- Low operating, maintenance and storage costs
- Compliance with current regulations (ATEX)

An industrial-scale test station

Knowing the behaviour of the product before starting a new production line: NEU-JKF Process has a test station dimensioned to simulating the future configuration of the circuit. The tests carried out on NEUSTRAC make it possible to analyse the behaviour of a product or a mixture of products during pneumatic transport in order to define the most suitable transport method (transport phase, speeds, load rate, etc.) and to limit the energy consumed as well as product attrition.

Ask for a test

NEUSTRAC pilot: a real design tool for pneumatic transport

Solutions dedicated to the mineral industry

NEU-JKF Process Bulk Handling solutions include the design, construction and commissioning of plants. They can be fully automated.
- Conveying of a wide range of products, from fine powders to granular products or products with non-homogeneous grain sizes
- Pneumatic handling of hot, abrasive, fragile, corrosive products, etc.
- Dense phase conveying at very low velocity, in continuous , in dilute or very dilute phase
- Extraction under silos and hoppers of difficult and poorly flowing products
- Weighing, dosing, grinding, mixing
- Rotary valve, blow tank, injector
- Filtration
- Injection of product into furnaces, or neutralisation additives into gases or fumes.

 silo extraction    abrasif product conveying
Extraction under silo NEUPHASE conveying system  Conveying of abrasive product 

Our services

To make an industrial tool last, to modernise existing production tools to produce large quantities of products at the lowest cost: a complete service for your installation and to secure supplies

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